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HIV Care Services Group - Part B Meeting February 2018

A Ryan White HIV Care Services Part B Meeting was held on February 22-23, 2018 in Austin. Presentations and supporting documents for this meeting are found below.


February 22, 2018

Introduction & Clusters/Genotyping Introduction | Janina Vazquez
New ARIES Group Manager Introduction | Justin Irving
Clusters and Genotyping | Analise Monterosso, MPH
Germane Database Statewide Monitoring Database | Rhonda Stewart 
How monitoring tools affect the database | Anthony Lee, MPH
ARIES Contracts, Common Issues, and Best Practices Anthony Lee                
Michelle Berkoff
CAP/PDSA Expectations for 2018 CAP submission expectations | Laura Jasso, LCSW
PDSA submission expectations | Brian Rosemond, RN, BSN
Evolving expectations of AA monitors | Janina Vazquez
CAP & PDSA Expectations for 2018 (PowerPoint)
2018 HOPWA Updates Updates to HOPWA Program | Blade Berkman, LMSW HOPWA Updates (PowerPoint)
Role of Planners at the Syndicate (Planners) Expectations of Planners as the Regional Co-Chair | Ann Dills, MSW  
2018 HRAR Project Updates HRAR Progress | Justin Irving & L’Tanya Richardson, PMP
Using the Mini Resource Guides (Planners) Expectations for the Mini-Resource Guides | Anthony Lee, MPH  
2018 Trending Topics U = U | Ann Dills, MSW U=U (PowerPoint)
Harbor Path Updates 2018 Changes to Harbor Path | Harbor Path
State access to Harbor Path| Laura Jasso, LCSW & Jessica Conly, BSW
Harbor Path (PowerPoint)
Harbor Path Patient Assistance Program (PowerPoint)
How to Build a Successful CAB (Planners) CABs and the planning process | Charley Henley, MSW
TRG’s CAB Process | Reachelian Ellison
Agency Level Community Advisory Boards (PowerPoint)
Consumer Engagement at TRG (PowerPoint)
ADAP/MAGI/Eligibility Updates ADAP Eligibility Period | Imelda Majalca, MSW 
New FPL Calculation Form | Desty Muturi, MPH
Changes to the Eligibility Policy |Jessica Conly, BSW 
Ryan White Part B and THMP Eligibility (PowerPoint)
What to do after the Needs Assessment (Planners) Priority and allocation setting| Charles Henley, MSW
Needs assessments & the local care system and local resource guide 
How to Best Meet the Need (PowerPoint)

February 23, 2018

Results of the Statewide EGM Report DSHS’ next steps | Janina Vazquez & Laura Jasso, LCSW
Points of note for AAs | Charles Henley, MSW
Understanding HIV+ Results and Entry into Care The testing steps to confirm HIV status | Renee DeLaFuente 
How RW can cover the costs| Janina Vazquez
ECHO Project What is ECHO? | Brian Rosemond, RN, BSN
The AA’s role in procuring equipment | Brian Rosemond, RN, BSN
DSHS Clinical Panel (PowerPoint)
Sub of Sub Waivers Waiver Expectations for 2018 | Laura Jasso, LCSW
Updated Sub of Sub Policy | April Marek
Sub of Sub Waivers (PowerPoint)


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