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Exam Schedule, Information and Forms - Industrial Radiographer Certification

Publications Relating to Industrial Radiographer Certification Examinations
Form Number Document Name
RC IR-1 IR Replacement ID Card Application (PDF, 29KB)
RC IR (Instructions) Instructions for IR Replacement ID Card Application (PDF, 46KB)
RC IR-2 IR Second Certification ID Card Procedures (PDF, 27KB)
RC 255-1 Disability Accommodation Request for Industrial Radiographer Examination (PDF, 73KB)
RC 255-3 Application for Industrial Radiographer Examination (PDF, 30KB)
RC 255-C Accepted Radiation Safety Training Courses (PDF, 66KB)
RC 255-E Trainee Qualification Form (PDF, 27KB)
RC 255-OS Radiographer Qualification - OJT (Years) (PDF, 35KB)
RC 255-R Radiographer Qualification - OJT (Hours) (PDF, 36KB)
RC 255-RC Radiographer Reciprocity Qualification (PDF, 73KB)
RC 255-T Trainer Qualification (PDF, 65KB)
Last updated October 16, 2020