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Oral Care During Pregnancy

Woman smiling in dental exam chair

Smiles for Moms and Babies

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During pregnancy, we know moms focus on doing what’s right for them and for their baby. Going to the dentist should be on their “to do” list. The Smiles for Moms and Babies program focuses on helping women improve their oral health during their pregnancies. We also work with providers who care for pregnant women to ensure all Texas babies have healthy smiles.

Why is good oral health important during pregnancy?

Taking care of your teeth and gums is safe and smart. Changes in your oral health can impact the health of your baby. That’s why it’s important to visit a dentist during your pregnancy. 

More Information

Care nurse visiting a family

Information for Frontline Workers

Are you a home visitor, community health worker, or in another role that provides direct services to families? Access training and resources to help talk to clients about oral health.

Last updated June 10, 2022