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Birth Certificate for Foster or Homeless Youth

In 2019, House Bill 123 (86th Texas Legislative Session) was filed relating to personal identification documents for foster children or youth, or homeless children or youth. This amends Texas Health and Safety Code Section 191.0049.

On request of a child or youth described by this section, the state registrar, a local registrar, or a county clerk shall issue, without fee or parental consent, a certified copy of the child’s or youth’s birth record to:

  1. a homeless child or youth as defined by 42 U.S.C Section 1143a;
  2. a child in the managing conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services; and
  3. a young adult who:
    1. is at least 18 years of age, but younger than 21 years of age; and
    2. resides in a foster care placement, the cost of which is paid by the Department of Family and Protective Services.

To qualify for the waiver, please submit all of the following:

  1. Application for Birth Certificate (download VS-140 from forms page)

  2. Acceptable identification (view full ID list)

  3. Supporting documentation for foster or homeless status such as:
    1. a document from the Department of Family and Protective Services,
    2. a Foster Care Verification form, or
    3. an attestation of youth homeless status (download sample attestation form)

Local Registrars: 
Texas Health and Safety Code Section 191.0049 also allows local registrars to issue a birth certificate without fee or parental consent to a foster child or youth, or a homeless child or youth defined by this section. The Vital Statistics Section will be waiving the fee associated with the remote issuance system.

Please submit a copy of each application for certified copy that you issued free of charge along with the invoice, and we will issue a credit on your next invoice. “Foster or Homeless Youth Waiver” must be written at the top of the application.
If you have questions regarding remote site payment, please email VSSBusinessServices@dshs.texas.gov.

Last updated February 4, 2020