Syndromic Surveillance Governance Council

The Governance Council has voted to disband and has been replaced by the Texas Syndromic Surveillance User Forum.

General Duties of the Council

  1. The Governance Council provides guidance and subject matter expertise, with feedback from the Syndromic Surveillance Regional Advisory Committees (SSRACs) and the DSHS Syndromic Surveillance team, to the Associate Commissioner regarding the operations of syndromic surveillance within the State of Texas. DSHS has the final decision-making authority for the Texas Syndromic Surveillance system.

  2. The Governance Council shall fill the gap between healthcare provider organizations such as hospitals and urgent care settings, Local Health Departments and Public Health Regions, and state level authorities. It provides a forum for dialogue and the exchange of ideas and experiences regarding considerations forwarded to the Governance Council by the SSRACs and other matters as raised by Governance Council members.

  3. The Governance Council shall advise generally on DSHS’ syndromic surveillance data collection, sharing, and operational activities and other topics assigned to it by the Associate Commissioner. To carry out the Governance Council’s purpose, the scope of its activities shall include providing information, analysis, and recommendations to DSHS. The output of Governance Council meetings should serve to better inform DSHS in policy development, rulemaking, and engagement functions regarding syndromic surveillance.

Council Charter

Syndromic Surveillance Governance Council Charter (PDF, 179 kb)

Contact Information

For more information regarding the Syndromic Surveillance Governance Council, contact:

Linc Allen 
Texas Department of State Health Services
Division for Regional & Local Health Operations
1100 W. 49th Street, Austin, TX 78756 
Phone: 512-776-2713 
Fax: 512-776-7590

Last updated February 25, 2021