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Texas State Board of Social Worker Examiners Continuing Education - General Information

How much continuing education must I earn during the 24 months before my renewal?
A total of 30 hours of continuing education must be earned during the 24 months before renewal. Your continuing education must include a minimum of 6 clock-hours of continuing education in professional ethics and social work values for a two-year renewal period.
[§781.508(a) and (b)]

If my initial license period is less than two years, must I earn the full 30 hours of continuing education?
Yes. Initial licenses are issued for 13 - 24 months depending on the licensee's birth month. A total of 30 hours of continuing education must be earned during the licensure period.
[§781.502 and §781.508(a)]

Why is continuing education required for renewal?

Initial licensing attests to competency. Quality social work service requires a high level of knowledge and skills. After licensing, social workers must work toward keeping their knowledge and skills up-to-date in order to serve their clients. The social work board believes that requiring continuing education is one way to encourage this pursuit. [§781.201(a)(4)]

What type of continuing education will count for renewal?

Participating in institutes, seminars, workshops, conferences, independent study programs or college academic or continuing education courses that are related to and or enhance the practice of social work and are offered through a Board-approved providers. The program announcement should indicate whether it is approved for social work. [§781.509 and §781.511(a)-(c)]

What are credit hours (CEU)?
Credit hours or Continuing Education Units (CEU) are training hours accredited through a college or university or through agencies and organizations authorized to grant credit hours (CEU). The Board does not directly grant credit hours (CEU) for training. Questions about CEU for a particular program should be referred to the sponsor of that program. [§781.509 and §781.511(a)-(c)]

How do I document continuing education?
You are responsible for maintaining documentation of your continuing education. A random sample of renewal forms are selected and marked for CE audit, and those persons are required to submit acceptable documentation of the continuing education he or she has completed during the renewal period.  Acceptable documentation includes but may not be limited to copies of continuing education certificates. [§781.515]

Can I receive credit toward continuing education requirements for volunteer work?
Continuing education credit is not given for volunteer work. However, any social-work-related training required for this work may be considered by the Board. [§781.509, §781.510 and §781.513]

May I be given additional time to earn my continuing education?
If you do not complete the required continuing education prior to renewal, your license will not be renewed. You may not use your social work title unless your license is current. Your license will be reinstated if you complete the required continuing education and pay your renewal fee and any penalty fees within one year of your renewal date. [§781.504 and §781.508]


Last updated November 9, 2015