Child Passenger Safety Educational Materials and Resources

Collage of child safety seats.

This webpage includes information for anyone interested in child passenger safety. 

The Department of State Health Services’ Safe Riders program developed a toolkit to support child passenger safety efforts in your community.  

If you need a car seat, please refer to our Safe Riders partner map to find a Safe Riders distribution site near you. 

(Safe Riders Distribution Partner Map)

Please feel free to download and share the below educational materials and resources. 

Educational Materials and Toolkit

Educational Resources

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Need additional information on seat belts, teen driving, bicycle safety, or child safety (to name a few)? Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website for traffic safety materials and marketing tools.

NHTSA’s Campaign Materials

    NHTSA’s Traffic Safety Marketing

Safe Kids

Did you know many child injuries are preventable? Safe Kids Worldwide has information and activities to help educate people about child passenger safety. 

Safe Kids Educators

Safe Kids Safety Tips  Safe Kids Education and Awareness Programs 

Texas Department of State Health Services Safe Riders Program

Securing our Future Educational Video: It’s important to keep a child safe when riding in a vehicle. In this short video, learn how child safety seats save lives and prevent injuries when used correctly. Use a child safety seat every time you travel in a car or truck with a child. The “Securing Our Future” video can be streamed through the links below.

Securing Our Future (English)

    Securing Our Future (Spanish)

Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT)

Please visit the TxDOT website under “Additional Information” for downloadable educational materials.


Last updated September 14, 2022