Industrial Radiography - Radioactive Materials

How to Apply for a New License

1. Complete and submit the necessary forms

The following forms are required for the application of a new Radioactive Materials License.

Applications and Forms Required for New Industrial Radiography Licenses
Document Number Title
RC 252-2 Radioactive Material License (PDF, 67KB)
RC 252-1 Business Information Form - License (PDF, 54KB)

2. Submit the appropriate fee

License application fees must be included with the completed application forms. Fees are established in accordance with Title 25 Texas Administrative Code §289.204(e):

Fee Schedule for New Industrial Radiography Licenses
License Type Fee
Industrial Radiography (Fixed Facility) $8,490
Industrial Radiography (Temporary Field Site) $17,870

3. Provide detailed operating, safety and emergency (O,S & E) procedures

Regulatory Guide 2.1, Industrial Radiographic Exposure Devices (PDF, 71KB) should be used for guidance in completing the application and additional information on what should be included in your O, S & E procedures.

RSO Qualifications for Industrial Radiography

Qualifications for an individual designated as RSO for Industrial Radiography operations are outlined in Title 25 Texas Administrative Code §289.255(m)(4):

  1. A high school diploma or a certificate of high school equivalency based on the GED test. Acceptable alternate documentation of the educational requirement would be a college transcript, resume or other written statement affirming high school graduation or formal education beyond high school.

  2. Completion of the training and testing requirements of TAC §289.255(m)(1)(A), (m)(2)(A)(iii) and (n)(1)(B).

  3. Provide documentation that the designated individual has two years of radiation protection experience with radioactive materials necessary to supervise the radiation safety aspects of the licensed activity.

Agency Accepted Radiation Safety Training Course List

A list of accepted radiation safety training courses is available as a courtesy to you. We do not recommend one course over another. It is a resource for you to use to find the course that best suits your needs or used to verify previous training documentation for new radiography employees.

The list of Accepted Radiation Safety Training Courses (PDF, 66KB) is divided into use categories; Industrial Radiography, Well Logging and Tracer Studies, Well Logging Only, Portable Gauge, Fixed Gauge, Spinning Pipe and X-ray Fluorescence.

Last updated March 5, 2021