Proposed Rules for Comment - Radiation Control Program

This is to notify you that the Department of State Health Services, Radiation Unit of the Policy, Standards and Quality Assurance Section, is providing you an opportunity to comment on the following Radiation Control Proposed rule:

25 TAC 289.252 Licensing of Radioactive Material

25 TAC 289.256 Medical and Veterinary Use of Radioactive Material

25 TAC 289.257 Packaging and Transportation of Radioactive Material

The comment period will close November 8, 2021 

Public Comment: The Department of State Health Services welcomes public comments pertaining to Proposed rule of 25 TAC 289.252, 256, and 257.

Please email written comments to  Your comments should include how this revision will impact your business.  Comments on the Proposed Rule will be reviewed and addressed in the Adopted Rule.

Thank you for your interest in Radiation Control’s rule making process.

21R035 Proposed RAM Rule 289.252,256,257

Figure 25 TAC 289.252(l)(1)(C)(iii)(I)

Figure 25 TAC 289.252(l)(1)(C)(iii)(II)

Figure 25 TAC 289.252(p)(3)(A)

Figure 25 TAC 289.252(p)(3)(B)

Figure 25 TAC 289.252(jj)(2)         (Revised)

Figure 25 TAC 289.252(jj)(7)

Figure 25 TAC 289.252(jj)(9)

Figure 25 TAC 289.252(jj)(10)        (New)

Figure 25 TAC 289.252(mm)          (Revised)

Figure 25 TAC 289.256(xxx)          (Revised)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(i)(3)(E)(i)  (Revised)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(i)(3)(E)(iii)(Revised)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(i)(4)(E)(i)  (Revised)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(ee)(4)(A)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(ee)(4)(B)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(ee)(4)(C)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(ee)(4)(D)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(ee)(4)(E)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(ee)(4)(F)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(ee)(4)(G)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(ee)(6)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(ee)(7)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(ee)(8)

Figure 25 TAC 289.257(ee)(9)


Last updated October 11, 2021