Administrative Contact Information

Organizational Chart

Department or Unit Contact/Phone Number
Commissioner of Health John Hellerstedt, MD (512-776-7363)
Senior Advisor Kirk Cole (512-776-7376)
Deputy Commissioner Jennifer Sims (512-776-7376)
Senior Policy and Strategic Advisor Kim White (512-776-5917)
General Counsel Barbara L. Klein, JD, EMPL (512-776-6915)
Chief of Staff Ricky Garcia (512-776-7404)
 Center for External Relations Rachael Hendrickson (512-776-3765)
   Communications Jennifer Van Gilder (512-776-6085)
   Governmental Affairs Jordan Hill (512-776-3246)
   Media Relations Chris Van Deusen (512-776-7119)
 Center for System Coordination & Innovation Carolyn Bivens (512-776-2370)
  Process Improvement Nikki Valencia
 HHS Internal Audit Nicole Guerrero
Center for Public Health Policy and Practice Stephen Pont, MD, MPH
 Center for Health Policy and Performance Peter Hajmasy (512-776-6537)
 Office of Academic Affairs Courtney Dezendorf, MPH (512-776-3751)
Chief State Epidemiologist Jennifer Shuford, MD, MPH
 Center for Health Statistics Lisa Wyman, PhD
 Deputy State Epidemiologist Vacant
 Data Governance Vacant
Chief Financial Officer Donna Sheppard (512-776-7640)
 Deputy Chief Financial Officer Christy Havel (512-776-7426)
 Accounting Section Leslie Aguilar (512-776-2227)
 Claims Unit James Curik (512-776-6869)
 Revenue Management Unit Barbara Kelly-King (512-776-2589)
 General Ledger Unit Wayne Hill (512-776-2217)
 Budget Section Amanda Hudson (512-776-6931)
 Assistant Budget Director Ann Casey (512-776-7566)
Associate Commissioner for Program Operations Roberto Beaty (512-776-7153)
Division Support Officer Roger Faske (512-776-7171)
 Business Support and Planning Danyale Bryant
 Contract Management Patty Melchior (512-776-2115)
 Fiscal Monitoring Ann Duncan (512-776-6991)
 Program Support Operations Gabe Pina (512-776-3642)
 Public Health Portfolio Madhavi Koganti (512-776-6194)
Associate Commissioner for Consumer Protection Stephen Pahl, PhD, RS (512-834-6600)
Deputy Associate Commissioner Luis Morales (512-834-6775)
 Compliance Chris Drews (512-834-6621)
 Business Filing & Verification Charlotte Sullivan, Ed (512-834-6730)
 EMS / Trauma Systems Jorie Klein (512-834-6745)
 Policy, Standards and Quality Assurance Vacant
 Surveillance Greg Wilburn, RN (512-834-6675)
Meat Safety Assurance James Dillon, DVM, MPH (512-834-6760, ext. 2541)
Associate Commissioner for Laboratory and Infectious Disease Services Imelda Garcia, MPH (512-776-7679)
Deputy Associate Commissioner Monica Gamez (512-776-6678)
 Infectious Disease Prevention Shawn Tupy (512-776-6355)
 TB/HIV/STD Felipe Rocha (512-776-2002)
 Laboratory Services Grace Kubin, PhD (512-776-2468)
 Infectious Diseases Medical Officer Vacant
 Senior Advisor Jodie Vanyo
 Public Health Informatics & Data Exchange Vacant
Associate Commissioner for Regional and Local Health Operations David Gruber (512-776-7770)
 Deputy Associate Commissioner Nancy Ejuma, PhD (512-776-7219)
 Center for Health Emergency Preparedness and Response (CHEPR) Jeff Hoogheem (512-776-7219)
 Texas Center for Infectious Disease Jessica Gutierrez-Rodriguez (210-531-4554)
 Office of Border Public Health Vacant
 Public Health Nursing Angel Angco-Barrera, MBA, BSN, RN
 Preventive Medicine Residency Program Peter Pendegrass, MD, MPH
 Public Health Regions (PHR)  
   Public Health Region 1 Vacant
   Public Health Region 2/3 Joel Massey, MD, MPH (817-264-4501)
   Public Health Region 4/5 Sharon Huff, MD, MS (903-533-5264)
   Public Health Region 6/5 Carlos Plasencia, MD, MSPH (713-767-3000)
   Public Health Region 7 Sharon Melville, MD, MPH (254-771-6717)
   Public Health Region 8 Lillian Ringsdorf, MD, MPH (210-949-2001)
   Public Health Region 9/10 Rachel Sonne, MD, MPH (956-421-5504)
   Public Health Region 11 Emilie Prot, MD, DO, MPH (956-421-5504)
Associate Commissioner for Community Health Improvement Manda Hall, MD (512-776-7321)
Deputy Associate Commissioner Rachel Jew (512-776-2184)
 Health Promotion & Chronic Disease Prevention Nimisha Bhakta (512-776-3554)
 CHI Medical Director Kelly Fegan-Bohm, MD
 Division Financial Analyst Michelle Smith
 Vital Statistics - State Registrar Tara Das, PhD (512-776-7646)
 Maternal & Child Health  Jeremy Triplett (512-776-2567)
 Environmental Epidemiology and Disease Registries Heidi Bojes, PhD, MPH (512-776-6351)
Office of Coordination & Special Projects Karen Ruggiero, PhD (512-776-2749)
Health and Human Services Commission – Human Resources (737-867-8691)
Health and Human Services Commission – Civil Rights Office 1-888-388-6332 or 512-438-4313

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Last updated April 21, 2021