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Newborn Screening Newsletter

The Newborn Screening Newsletter is published by the Texas Department of State Health Services’ Newborn Screening Program to inform the public of its services and activities. Sign-up to receive email notices about newborn screening related news and activities. 

Newsletter Issues

Winter 2017 – Texas Newborn Screening Tests Babies for 55 Serious Medical Conditions
Critical Congenital Heart Disease: Reporting Diagnosed Babies 
Free Newborn Screening Educational Publications for Parents and Providers
Timing Is Everything: Newborn Screening Transit Times | Medical Director’s Corner
Video: Families Share How Newborn Screening Impacted The Lives of Their Children
Proper Packaging Essential to Maintaining Blood Spot Specimen Quality
Distinguished Newborn Hearing Screening Programs: July 2017 Cycle 

Spring 2014 – From Specimen Collection to Receipt for Testing: Importance of Timeliness in Screening
Texas Newborn Screening Program Quality Improvement Initiatives: Transit Times
Texas DSHS Laboratory Services Section: Newborn Screening Report Card
Media Attention on Newborn Screening Transit Times
Additional DSHS Quality Improvement Activities and Information

Spring 2013 – 2013 Genetics Conferences | Phenylketonuria (PKU) & Galactosemia (GALT)
50th Anniversary of Newborn Screening | In Memoriam: Mary Gwyn Allen
Grant Awarded to NBS Hearing Program | Welcome New Staff to NBS Unit
The Medical Director's Corner | 2013 Early Hearing Detection & Intervention Meeting, Glendale, AZ

Winter 2013 – Screening for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency (SCID) Ribbon Cutting
Congenital Hypothyroidism | 83rd Legislative Session | Healthy Texas Babies
TXPulse Oximetry Project | Nurses Work Holidays | NBS Benefits Program | TEHDI Collaboration 

Fall 2012 – Texas NBS History | HB 411 | NBS Advisory Committee
Texas Pulse Oximetry Project (TxPOP) | Free Healthcare Provider Training 
All In A Day's Work for NBS Nurses | The Texas Newborn Admissions Notification (NAN) Project
2012 Genetics Conference | TEHDI Annual Report 

Summer 2012 – HB 411 | New Remote Data Services | SCID | 2012 Genetics Conference 
NBS Advisory Committee | Updated Brochures Available | Genetics Webinar Series

Spring 2011 (PDF) – TEHDI Program | Missing Medicaid Boxes in NBS Bloodspot Kits 
NBS Clinical Care Coordination Contact Information | Meet our New Ombudsman 
DSHS Recommended Flow for Adolescent Females with Elevated PHE Levels

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Issues from 2000 to 2004

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