Texas Department of State Health Services

A microscope image of the coronavirus.


Find info on vaccines, testing, prevention, and more.

A baby plays in the grass.

Infant formula shortage

Learn more from the Maternal and Child Health Unit

An Alzheimer's Disease patient smiles at her caregiver.

September is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

See the signs. Start a conversation.

Newborn Screening Awareness Month

A newborn baby's feet. All newborns in Texas get tested for 54 different conditions. Early detection means getting treatment sooner. Just a few drops of blood on a card can help avoid illness, disability, and death.

10 Things Parents Need to Know

A Wildfire Can Travel a Mile in 3 Minutes. Can You?

A wildfire. During National Preparedness Month, be ready for when disasters strike.
Make a plan. Build a kit. Be Texas Ready.


Monkeypox: What to Know

A test tube for the Monkeypox virus. Monkeypox virus can spread when a person comes into close contact with an infected animal, infected person, or materials contaminated with the virus.

More info on Monkeypox