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Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists Continuing Education - General Information

See Title 22 of the Texas Administrative Code (22 TAC), Subchapter K for board rules regarding Continuing Education Requirements.

A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) must complete 30 clock hours of continuing education relevant to Marriage and Family Therapy each renewal period.  A Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate (LMFT Associate) must complete 15 clock hours of continuing education each renewal period.  All licensees are required to complete 6 hours of ethics each renewal period. Hours may not be carried over from one renewal period to the next renewal period. 

The 86th Texas Legislature introduced Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 116, Training Course on Human Trafficking Prevention, which requires a health care practitioner, such as an LMFT or LMFT Associate to successfully complete an HHSC-approved Human Trafficking Prevention training course as a condition for renewal of a license on or after September 1, 2020. Information about approved courses are available on HHSC’s Health Care Practitioner Human Trafficking Training webpage.
A therapist who uses technology-assisted services or supervision must maintain documentation of academic preparation and supervision in the use of technology-assisted services as part of the therapist's academic program or the substantial equivalent provided through at least 15 hours of continuing education before providing technology-assisted services or supervision and 2 hours every subsequent renewal period.

To maintain board approval, a supervisor must successfully complete at least 3 hours of clinical supervision continuing education and the jurisprudence exam.

Each licensee is responsible for maintaining documentation of his or her completed continuing education hours.  Each licensee must report completion of continuing education hours at the time of renewal.  The board conducts random audits of compliance with the continuing education requirements.  If a licensee is randomly selected for audit, he or she must submit proof of completion of the required hours.    

Types of acceptable continuing education are described in 22 TAC §801.264 and determination of clock hour credits and credit hours granted are found in 22 TAC §801.266.

Board-Approved Supervisors

To maintain board approval, a supervisor must successfully complete the following continuing education each renewal period:

  • at least three hours of clinical supervision continuing education and
  • the jurisprudence exam.

See 22 TAC §801.143 for other supervisor requirements.

40 hour Supervisor Training Course Guidelines

Guidelines for the 40-hour Supervisor Training Course include, but are not limited to the following content: 

  1. Major models of MFT and supervision in terms of their philosophical assumptions and pragmatic implications
  2. Co-evolving client-therapist and client-therapist-supervisor relationships
  3. Evaluation and identification of problems in the client-therapist and client-therapist-supervisor relationships
  4. Supervision structure, problem-solving, and implementation of supervisory interventions within a range of modalities
  5. Contextual variables such as culture, gender, ethnicity, and socio-economics
  6. Ethical and legal issues of supervision
  7. Rules relating to licensing and regulation of Marriage and Family Therapists and Marriage and Family Therapist Associates.

The course must be offered by an accredited institution or Continuing Education Provider and Board-Approved Supervisor.

The course must include the minimum requirements (guidelines) for the learning objectives.

The course must be completed within 90 days.



Last updated June 2, 2020