Texas Influenza (Flu) Season

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Protect yourself and others from the flu.  
Every dose matters

Register on VaccineFinder This Flu Season 

Providers, enroll your practice on VaccineFinder to ensure that your community has the most up-to-date information on available vaccine services. Throughout the flu season, you can share the amount of vaccine you have available. Register today to put your practice on the map. 

Childcare Providers - Resources

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), influenza causes more hospitalizations among young children than any other vaccine-preventable disease. The single best way to protect against seasonal flu and its potential severe complications is for children to get a seasonal influenza vaccine each year. Flu vaccination is recommended for all children aged 6 months and older. Making healthy choices at school and at home can help prevent the flu and spreading flu to others.

Use these resources to educate parents and caregivers.

Flu Vaccine Information

Inactivated Influenza - Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) and Addendums

 Live, Intranasal Influenza - Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) and Addendums


Flu Print Publications

Health-care providers, child-care facilities, schools, etc. interested in ordering the below materials in bulk can do so via our online order form.

Flu Print Publications
Stock Number Title
11-12811 Little Kids Get The Flu Too!! Brochure - English (PDF)
11-12811A Little Kids Get The Flu Too!! Brochure - Spanish (PDF)
11-12812 Influenza Fact Sheet for Child-Care Settings - Bilingual (PDF)
11-13338 Flu Fighters Activity Book - Bilingual (PDF)
11-13710 Fight the Flu Brochure - English (PDF)
11-13710A Fight the Flu Brochure - Spanish (PDF)
11-13710P Fight the Flu Poster, 9.5" x 12" - Bilingual (PDF)
11-14015P Fight the Flu Poster, 18" x 25" - Bilingual (PDF)

Last updated August 26, 2022