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2019 Minority AIDS Summit

The 2019 Minority AIDS Initiative Summit was held on January 31 - February 1, 2019 in Austin. Presentations and supporting documents for this meeting are found below.


January 31, 2019

Welcome/Introduction Pamela Nims - Minority Care Initiative Coordinator
Janina Vazquez - Care Services Group Manger
Welcome Day 1 (PDF)
Achieving Together - A Community Plan to End the HIV Epidemic in Texas Ann Dills - HIV Systems Consultant Achieving Together 1 (PDF)
Achieving Together 2 (PDF)
Achieving Together 3 (PDF)
Offender Peer Education in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice Dianna Langley - Peer Education Coordinator TDCJ Offender Peer Education (PowerPoint)
UTMB Presentation Jan Johns - HIV Discharge Planning Coordinator II
Marie Shaffner - Medical Assistant I
Ashlee Hall - Medical Assistant I
Jessica Khan, MD - Division of Clinical Virology Director
UTMB Presentation (PowerPoint)
TDCJ Presentation  Emily Eisenman - TCOOMMI Manager
Karen Crowley - Human Service Specialist VII
Cassandra Easley - Human Service Specialist VII
Jennifer Williams - Human Service Specialist VII  
Rondalina Beatty - Human Service Specialist VII
Audrey Trout - Human Service Specialist VII
TDCJ Presentation (PowerPoint)
Prism Presentation Daron Kirven - Free World Bound Program Director
Tymeka Phenix -Lead Education Outreach Specialist
Rosalind Lawrence - Education Outreach Specialist
Sheree Hoops - Education Outreach Specialist 
Prism Presentation (PowerPoint)
The Montrose Center Presentation Jaymie Mielke- Health Education Coordinator
Tim Jones- Prevention Specialist
Tena Hicks- Prevention Specialist 
Montrose Center Presentation (PowerPoint) 
Texas HIV Medication Program (THMP) Marivel Cantu-Ressler - Post Incarceration Coordinator
Imelda Majalca - THMP Trainer
THMP Presentation (PDF)
THMP Document Upload Marivel Cantu-Ressler - Post Incarceration Coordinator
Imelda Majalca - THMP Trainer
THMP Documents (PowerPoint)

February 1, 2019

Working Together Discussion Pamela Nims - Minority Care Initiative Coordinator Working Together (PDF)
The Objective Review and Monitoring Process Rhonda Stewart - Director of Quality Improvement, Germane Solutions Objective Review and Monitoring (PDF)
Quality Monitoring Review Project for the MAI Program Rhonda Stewart - Director of Quality Improvement, Germane Solutions QM for MAI (PowerPoint)
Ryan White Eligibility Policy Desty Muturi - Care Services Trainer Ryan White Eligibility (PowerPoint)
Fundamentals of ARIES Anthony Lee - Epidemiologist  ARIES Fundamentals (PowerPoint)
ARIES Training and Client Sharing Jerry M Burrola - ARIES Training Specialist ARIES Training (PDF)

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