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    Email HIV, STD, Hepatitis C, and TB data requests to the Program – This email can be used to request data and statistics on HIV, STDs, Hepatitis C, and TB in Texas. It cannot be used to get treatment or infection history for individuals, or to request information on programs and services. Please do not include any personal, identifying health information in your email such as HIV status, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, etc.

    For treatment/testing history, please contact your local health department.

    For information on HIV testing and services available to persons living with HIV, please contact your local HIV services organization.

Funding Information - FAQs

What HIV funding is available from the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS)?
DSHS provides grants for two activities, including HIV prevention and HIV health and social services. HIV health and social services grants include: Ryan White, Title II; State Health and Social Services; and Housing Opportunities for People with AIDS (HOPWA). Ryan White, State Services, and HOPWA funds are contracted directly to Title II Administrative Agencies (AA) on a formula basis.

When may I compete for HIV prevention funding?
Funding information is announced at the Texas Marketplace website and at dshs.texas.gov/hivstd/funding.

When may I compete for HIV services funding?
Look for information at the Texas Marketplace website and at dshs.texas.gov/hivstd/funding.

Who may apply for HIV funding?
Competitive grants are open to governmental, public, or private nonprofit entities located within the state of Texas, including: city or county health departments or districts, community-based organizations, and public or private hospitals. Individuals are not eligible to apply. Entities that have had state or federal contracts terminated within the last 24 months for deficiencies in fiscal or programmatic performance are not eligible to apply.

Where does the money come from and how much money is available?
Award of HIV grants is contingent upon annual federal grant awards to DSHS from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (for prevention grants) and from the Health Resources and Services Administration (for services grants). Levels of federal funding are dependent upon acts of Congress. Levels of state funding are dependent upon acts of the Texas Legislature.

My agency wants to open an HIV clinic. Can I get funding from DSHS?
Title II and state services funds are contracted locally by the local Administrative Agencies (AA). Application must be made to the AA for HIV services. Contact the

My agency wants to open an STD clinic. Can I get funding from DSHS?
There are currently no competitive grants for STD funding. Funding is provided to strategic health departments across the state on a sole-source basis. This funding is provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Texas Legislature.

What other funding opportunities for HIV and STD are there in Texas?
The DSHS Funding Information Center (FIC) operates a full-time service for the people of the state to provide current information on HIV funding opportunities within the state. The FIC may be accessed by email at the DSHS Funding Information Center; on the DSHS Funding Information Center website; or by phone at 512-458-7684. FIC publishes the Funding Alert.

How can I find out about current funding availability?
Contact the DSHS Funding Information Center to subscribe to the various services available. Notification of all DSHS HIV requests for proposals (RFPs) is available from this service. Check this Web site for announcements of available RFPs. You may also check the Texas Marketplace website.

Does DSHS provide research grants?
DSHS does not provide research grants. Information on research grants is available from the DSHS Funding Information Center.

What other HIV contracts are available?
DSHS occasionally announces RFPs for needed services. These are announced at dshs.texas.gov/hivstd/funding and the Texas Marketplace.


Last updated May 26, 2021