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Health Information Technology Strategic Priorities and Goals


An integrated Health Information Technology (HIT) and policy systemthat improves service delivery, health outcomes, and decision-making.

DSHS HIT Strategic Priorities 

  • Support the Agency Mission and Objectives

Align and optimize business processes and information resources to support overall DSHS strategic objectives.

  • Data Sharing and Exchange Standards

Use agency-wide standards for data, interoperability, and quality assurance that meet business needs and support information exchange across DSHS programs, with authorized trading partners, and with other DSHS stakeholders.

  • Utilize Advanced Data Analytics

Collect, validate, integrate, and analyze a wide variety of data, using standard and custom tools, to support evidence-based strategies that meet Texas' health needs.  

  • Business Process will Drive Information Resource Solutions
  • Develop agile business processes that specify information technology requirements which address the needs of a changing health system. 
  • Conduct due diligence to evaluate re-use or modification of existing information resources when addressing business processes.
  • Information Resources will be Flexible

Design information resources to be quickly and effectively adapted to evolving needs and business processes.

  • Collaborate with Trading Partners and Stakeholders

Engage trading partners and stakeholders in discussions regarding HIT and coordinate data collection and exchange efforts with other entities.

  • Facilitate Timely Decision-making at the Individual and Systems Level

Provide timely information to authorized internal and external entities to support decision-making.

  • Ensure Compliance with Laws and Regulatory Requirements

Manage and utilize accurate data and tools to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations including those addressing privacy and confidentiality.


  • Improve population health and reduce costs through the use of HIT
  • Support meaningful use and health  information exchange with partners
  • Empower individuals to improve their health
  • Achieve technology advancement          
  • Inspire confidence and trust in DSHS HIT
Last updated October 29, 2013