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Maternal Health in Texas

About Healthy Texas Mothers and Babies

The Maternal & Child Health (MCH) Unit is committed to improving the health and safety of mothers and children. MCH programs support the development of family-centered, community-based, coordinated systems of care.

MCH has many initiatives in place to advance women’s health. These initiatives form the Healthy Texas Mothers and Babies (HTMB) program.

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The HTMB initiative coordinates efforts that address different levels of health prevention and promotion. HTMB uses proven strategies, data, and research to:

  • Increase health-promoting behaviors
  • Strengthen professional support to women
  • Improve community systems that work with women
  • Reduce the barriers to healthy lifestyle choices
  • Ensure women’s health systems use data and research to make decisions that will improve women’s safety  

HTMB Projects:  

Texas Alliance Innovation on Maternal Health (TexasAIM) – work with hospitals and clinics to improve safety projects for pregnant women. TexasAIM provides support and training on three safety ‘bundles’ – a set of strategy shown to improve health outcomes. See more on our TexasAIM page.

Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Review Committee (MMMRC) – support a review committee studying maternal deaths in order to identify trends and recommend ways to reduce pregnancy-related deaths. See more on our MMMRC page.

Community Coalitions – funding to nine communities to improve maternal health. See more on our Coalition page.

Texas Collaborative for Healthy Mothers and Babies (TCHMB) – funding and support to the University of Texas Health Science Center in Tyler to work with healthcare providers, hospitals, advocates, scientists, and insurers to improve birth and health outcomes. See more on our TCHMB website.

Texas Mother Friendly Worksite Program – Education and support to employers to provide a space for breastfeeding mothers returning to work. See more on the Mother Friendly Worksite website.

Preconception Peer Educators (PPE) – Education and support to hold trainings for college students. The students are trained to lead activities and trainings among their peers and in communities surrounding their campuses on preconception health, the importance of fathers, health disparities and reproductive life planning.

For more information about Maternal and Child Health regarding maternal health in Texas, please email titlev@dshs.texas.gov


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Last updated November 8, 2021