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Training Programs

Licensing Requirements for Certified Food Manager Training Programs

A Department of State Health Services (DSHS) accredited certified food manager (CFM) training program provides a minimum of 14 hours of instruction on food safety topics, which may include traditional or alternative methods of training, including distance education, and an examination of least one hour (25 TAC §§229.172).

Instructors for CFM training programs shall be DSHS-qualified prior to teaching a class. Instructor qualifications include:

  1. Valid CFM certificate;
  2. An associate or higher college degree from an accredited institution in a major related to food safety or environmental health; or,
  3. Two years of regulatory food inspection experience; or, Five years of food establishment work experience as a food manager; or, any military service experience that is equal to or exceeds the work experience requirements

To become licensed as a certified food manager training program, please visit the Certified Food Manager Applications and Forms page and complete the appropriate application

Return both the completed application and non-refundable fee made payable to:

Texas Department of State Health Services 
RLU, Food and Drug Licensing - MC 2003 
P O Box 149347 
Austin, Texas 78714-9347

Please allow 4-6 weeks processing time from date of submitting application.

License Fee

Training Programs

License Fee - $600.00 

Amendment Fee - $300.00

Late Fee - $100.00

Renewal Licenses

Renewals are valid for two years from the anniversary date. Failure to submit the renewal fee before the expiration date will result in a delinquency fee for each location and must be remitted before the license or permit will be issued.

Required Documents

The following documents MUST be submitted with this application and licensing fee:

Initial Application

Initial Certification License Application
Instructor Application(s) 
Program Curriculum (14 hr) 

Renewal Application

Renewal Certification License Application
Instructor Application(s) new & renewals 
Program Curriculum (14 hr)

Last updated March 6, 2021