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DSHS Stresses Urgency for COVID-19 Vaccination

DSHS directs all COVID-19 vaccine providers to immediately administer all vaccine you have received to 1A and 1B individuals: healthcare staff, Texans 65+ and people with chronic medical conditions that place them at greater risk. Much of Texas' vaccine allotment has yet to be administered.

Entities are reminded to:

  • Administer your entire allocation of vaccines, no vaccine should be kept in reserve for second doses. More vaccine will be shipped to you to cover second dose series. 
  • Report administered doses to the state’s immunization registry, ImmTrac2.

Smaller healthcare facilities and medical offices can reach out to large vaccine providers to arrange for vaccination of their employees and Phase 1B populations. Visit the Texas COVID‑19 Vaccine Availability map to see which providers have received vaccine.

DSHS encourages providers to review Phase 1 Vaccine Provider Best Practices (PDF), including what to do if you have exhausted your allotment, confirming medical conditions, and more.

Texas Organizes Large Vaccine Hubs

The week of January 11, Texas will direct most of the COVID-19 vaccine received from the federal government to large providers who can vaccinate a total of more than 100,000 people. The goal of this plan is to provide more people the vaccine and a simpler way to sign up for an appointment. Additional vaccine will be distributed to smaller providers in other parts of the state. Large and small sites around Texas will receive a total of about 200,000 doses of vaccine next week.

More information:
Texas to Provide COVID-19 Vaccine for Large Vaccination Hubs (released 1/07/2021)

Provider Enrollment

To enroll as a COVID‑19 vaccination provider, professionals and facilities must register at To review all provider requirements and for more information, see the Vaccination Provider Enrollment page on the DSHS Immunizations website.

Tips & Tricks for Enrolling for COVID‑19 Vaccine Program (PDF)

Provider Enrollment Info

Vaccine Management Resources

This section contains information, training and resources for COVID‑19 Vaccination Providers and local health entities related to COVID‑19 vaccine ordering, storage, distribution, administration, and reporting.

Vaccine Management

Long-Term Care Facilities

COVID-19 Vaccination-Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program

CDC is partnering with CVS and Walgreens to offer on-site COVID-19 vaccination services for residents of nursing homes and assisted living long term care facilities (LTCF) once vaccination is available and recommended for them. To find out how to participate and for more information, LTCFs should see the COVID-19 Vaccination-Pharmacy Partnership for Long-Term Care Program (PDF).

COVID‑19 Vaccination Training Programs for Healthcare Professionals

The Public Health Foundation, working with the CDC, has compiled a list of CDC’s current vaccine storage, handling and administration trainings, along with trainings on communicating on communicating with patients about vaccines. It will be updated as additional trainings related to COVID‑19 become available.

Vaccination Training

More Information

Last updated January 11, 2021