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Thank you for visiting the DSHS COVID-19 Information for Businesses & Employers page. This page offers many resources to help keep your organization safe.

Below are two links with helpful information. The first links to our state’s health recommendations that outline suggested protocols for safe operation. The second links to DSHS tools that can help you communicate safety messages to your colleagues and customers.
Health Recommendations Communication Tools

Read on for letters outlining when employees can return to work after illness. Then see general DSHS guidance, plus retail food business guidance and general guidance from the CDC.

DSHS Letters to Employers

State agencies, business owners, employers, and members of the general public can also find workplace-specific recommendations in the following:

General DSHS Guidance

Employers and employees can find information on mail handling and preventing the spread of COVID-19 in the DSHS Interim Guidance for Mail Handling (PDF, V.2.0, updated 5/23/2020).

Note: DSHS is seeking approval for waivers of certain DSHS program requirements in response to COVID‑19. Check the DSHS‑Related Waivers page for a current listing of active waivers.

Retail Food Businesses

The DSHS Consumer Protection Division has compiled the following guidance for business and industry in response to COVID‑19:

Hand-Washing Video (YouTube)
Hand Sanitizer Video (YouTube)

Third-party videos may not have closed captioning. Alternatively, you can download or print the DSHS Hand-Washing flyer: English | Spanish

General CDC Guidance

Businesses, employers, and employees can also find interim guidance for the COVID‑19 response on the CDC website:

This page is being updated as new information becomes available.

Last updated January 13, 2022