FY 2020-21 Legislative Appropriations Request

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ENTIRE REPORT:  FY 2020-2021 Legislative Appropriations Request (804 pages, 5.2 mb)


Administrator's Statement (74 kb)

Organizational Chart (113 kb)

Certificate of Dual Submission (50 kb)

Summaries of Request

Budget Overview (61 kb)
2.A. Summary of Base Request by Strategy  (120 kb)
2.B. Summary of Base Request by Method of Finance  (233 kb)
2.C. Summary of Base Request by Object of Expense (OOE)  (71 kb)
2.D. Summary of Base Request Objective Outcomes  (90 kb)
2.E. Summary of Exceptional Items Request  (68 kb)
2.F. Summary of Total Request by Strategy  (111 kb)
2.G. Summary of Total Request Objective Outcomes  (93 kb)

3.A. Strategy Request  (521 kb)

01-01-01 Public Health Preparedness and Coordinated Services
01-01-02 Vital Statistics
01-01-03 Health Registries
01-01-04 Border Health and Colonias
01-01-05 Health Data and Statistics
01-02-01 Immunize Children and Adults in Texas
01-02-02 HIV/STD Prevention
01-02-03 Infectious Disease Prevention, Epidemiology and Surveillance
01-02-04 TB Surveillance and Prevention
01-02-05 Texas Center for Infections Disease
01-03-01 Health Promotion and Chronic Disease Prevention
01-03-02 Reducing the Use of Tobacco Products Statewide
01-04-01 Laboratory Services
01-04-02 Laboratory (Austin) Bond Debt
02-01-01 Maternal and Child Health
02-01-02 Children with Special Needs
02-02-01 EMS and Trauma Care Systems
02-02-02 Texas Primary Care Office
03-01-01 Food (Meat) and Drug Safety
03-01-02 Environmental Health
03-01-03 Radiation Control
03-01-04 Texas.Gov
03-01-05 Healthcare Professionals
04-01-01 Agency Wide Information Technology Projects
05-01-01 Central Administration
05-01-02 Information Technology Program Support
05-01-03 Other Support Services
05-01-04 Regional Administration
06-01-01 Provide WIC Services
06-01-02 Rio Grande Out Patient Clinic
06-01-03 Mental Health State Hospitals
06-01-04 Health Care Facilities and Community Based Regulation (DSHS)
06-01-05 Facility Capital Repairs and Renovations (DSHS)

3.A.1 Program Level Request (98 kb)

3.B. Rider Revisions and Additions Request  (252 kb)

Special Provisions Relating to all Health and Human Services Agencies Request  (38 kb)

3.D. Sub-Strategy Request  (399 kb)

01-01-01 Public Health Preparedness and Coordinated Services  
01-01-01-01 Regional and Local Health Services
01-01-01-02 Preparedness

01-01-03 Health Registries  
01-01-03-01 Environmental Epidemiology & Toxicology
01-01-03-02 Birth Defects Epidemiology & Surveillance
01-01-03-03 Cancer Epidemiology & Surveillance
01-01-03-04 Blood Lead Epidemiology & Surveillance
01-01-03-05 EMS Trauma Registry

01-02-01 Immunize Children and Adults in Texas
01-02-01-01 Immunize Children
01-02-01-02 Immunize Adults

01-02-02 HIV/STD Prevention
01-02-02-01 HIV/STD Medications
01-02-02-02 HIV/STD Services
01-02-02-03 HIV/STD Prevention and Surveillance

01-02-04 TB Surveillance and Prevention
01-02-04-01 TB Prevention & Control
01-02-04-02 TB Surveillance

02-01-01 Maternal and Child Health
02-01-01-01 Regional Program Support
02-01-01-02 Population Based Services

02-02-01 EMS and Trauma Care Systems
02-02-01-01 System Development
02-02-01-02 Provider Regulation

06-01-03 Mental Health State Hospitals
06-01-03-01 Inpatient Hospital Services
06-01-03-02 All Other Medications
06-01-03-03 Off-Campus Medical Care (non card)
06-01-03-04 Administration
06-01-03-05 All Other

Request for Exceptional Items

4.A. Exceptional Item Request Schedule  (207 kb)
4.B. Exceptional Item Strategy Allocation Schedule  (147 kb)
4.C. Exceptional Item Strategy Request  (129 kb)

Capital Budget Schedules

5.A. Capital Budget Project Schedule  (173 kb)
5.B. Capital Budget Project Information  (211 kb)  
5.E. Capital Budget Project: Object of Expense and Method of Financing Detail by Strategy  (221 kb)
Capital Budget Project Schedule – Exceptional  (75 kb)
Capital Budget Allocation to Strategies – Exceptional  (97 kb)


Supporting Schedules

6.A. Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)  (75 kb)
6.B. Current Biennium One-time Expenditures  (24 kb)
6.C. Federal Funds Supporting Schedule  (206 kb)
6.D. Federal Funds Tracking Schedule  (128 kb)
6.E. Estimated Revenue Collections Supporting Schedule  (143 kb)
6.F. Advisory Committee Supporting Schedule  (248 kb)
6.G. Homeland Security Funding Schedule  (113 kb)
6.I. 10 Percent Biennial Base Reduction Options Schedule  (130 kb)
6.J. Behavioral Health Funding  (78 kb)
6.K. Budgetary Impacts Related to Recently Enacted State Legislation (150 kb)
6.L. Document Production Standards (15 kb)
7.B. Direct Administrative and Support Costs  (184 kb)

Detail for Mental Health – State Hospitals  (116 kb) 

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