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    New Titles @ the Library

    September 2019

    The titles below are new additions to our Texas Department of State Health Services Audiovisual library collection. All are in DVD format unless otherwise indicated. Some titles are also available in streaming. Read the descriptions for more details. New titles this month include the topics of epilepsy, women’s health, hazard communication, mental health, long term care, parenting, smoking, and warehouse safety. To borrow any of the materials below reply to this e-mail with your request. You can watch streaming videos by clicking on the links provided in the video descriptions and registering for the service. You can find more materials in our online catalog at . Contact the library with any questions at or call (512) 776-7260.

    Brainstorm - DV1396
    DVD 54 min.  2017 Adult
    This documentary film aims to reduce the stigma of epilepsy by showing how three people with very different epilepsy types battle seizures, denial, and memory loss to live their lives to the fullest. They include college football coach Jerry Kill, and a young boy named Billy. Leading epileptologists explain how a normal functioning brain can suddenly flip a switch and produce strange behaviors that someone has no control over.

    Diversity in the Workplace for Managers and Supervisors - DV1370
    DVD  14 min.   2018 Adult     
    The diversity of the people in today's workforce can bring meaningful benefits for businesses as well as for employees but it can bring significant challenges as well. Managers and supervisors learn about the obstacles that can prevent people from accepting change and what they can do to embrace and encourage diversity in their department. This program defines diversity, lists its benefits, and teaches about the harm of stereotyping, bias, and discrimination. 

    Endometriosis: Second Opinion - DV1404
    DVD 27 min. 2014 Adult
    More than 10 million women in the U.S. struggle with endometriosis. Viewers meet Ruta Biteman, who shares her story of the pain she experienced throughout her life, and the challenges she went through to get effective care, help, and hope. This video is also available through Films on Demand streaming services.

    GHS: The Basics - DV1362
    DVD  4 min.       2018 Adult 
    GHS or Globally Harmonized System is a method of identifying chemicals and their associated hazards. This video provides viewers with the basics of GHS and describes the resources they can use to properly identify the hazards they may face, protective measures to minimize these hazards, and other pertinent information. 

    Infection Control in Long-Term Care: Safeguarding Your Environment – DV1345  
    DVD      33 min.  2017       Professional
    This program defines the risk imposed by infectious diseases, explains infection control procedures and describes procedures staff and caregivers must take to ensure safety for themselves and their residents."   
     Juuling and Vaping: What The Research Reveals - DV1349
    DVD       22 min.  2018       Junior High - Adult    
    The CDC reports that the number of teenagers who are currently vaping and juuling is climbing exponentially. An entire generation of teens is at risk of becoming addicted to nicotine and exposing themselves to known carcinogens. They are more likely to substitute cigarettes when they are unable to vape. We don’t yet understand the true effects of vaping on short and long-term health. Vaping or juuling (smoking the most popular brand of flavored vape) has become cool, accessible, and a very big problem.

    Life with Baby: Parenting from Birth to 12 Months - DD0824
    DVD 24 min. 2019 Adult
    This program demonstrates the ways babies are born ready to think, feel, and learn. Right from the start, a baby’s brain is growing and developing. They communicate their needs to their caregivers. They learn through experience and by processing information through their five senses.

    Moving from Trauma Informed to Trauma Responsive - DV1357
    DVD  200 min.    2018 Professional
     While many organizations are trauma-informed, becoming trauma-responsive means looking at every aspect of an organization’s programming, environment, language, and values and involving all staff in better serving clients who have experienced trauma. Moving from Trauma-Informed to Trauma-Responsive provides program administrators and clinical directors with key resources needed to train staff and make organizational changes to become trauma-responsive. This training program involves all staff, ensuring clients are served with a trauma-responsive approach. It describes the ten step process of becoming trauma responsive.

    Nursing Assistant: Dementia Care Part I - DV1329
    DVD  22 min.  2014  Professional
    This program examines how dementia affects behavior and the challenges it poses for caregivers. It discusses how a decline in mental functioning can contribute to difficult behavior, presents examples of changes in mental function and behaviors brought on by dementia, and considers the causes of dementia. It also examines actions to take when a resident becomes agitated and resists care and looks at four triggers that can make a dementia resident agitated. This program is also available through Films on Demand streaming service.
    Nursing Assistant: Dementia Care Part 2 - DV1330
    DVD  21 min.  2014     Professional
    Examining decline in mobility, unwanted weight loss and dehydration, and decline in bowel and bladder control, this program defines dementia and describes typical patterns of decline. It explains how dementia can affect food and fluid intake and its consequences and looks at how dementia contributes to loss of bowel and bladder control. This program is also available through Films on Demand streaming service. 

    Nursing Assistant: Wandering and Elopement - DV1375
    DVD  23 min.      2014 Professional
    Wandering is a behavior commonly found among nursing home residents with dementia. Wandering is often a sign that a resident needs help. Open communication is a first step to finding an answer. Understanding what is causing a resident to wander places staff in a better position to assist the person. This program describes ways that caregivers can assist wandering residents and help prevent them from eloping. It also presents some of the more common factors that may trigger a resident to wander or attempt to leave the facility.  

    Self-Inflicted: A Video About Non Suicidal Self-Injury - DV1383
    DVD  25 min.      2015 Senior High – Adult 
    This DVD is an up close and intimate portrait of NSSI (Non Suicidal Self-Injury.) NSSI is the purposeful destruction of one’s own bodily tissues in an effort to alleviate emotional distress. Typically, NSSI shows up in the form of cutting, burning, bruising, etc. Through interviews with the top research scientists in the field of NSSI, along with sociologists, as well as life-time to novice self-harmers, viewers gain insight into this increasingly common coping mechanism. Reassuring advice from the people coping with this illness, as well as from the professionals, lets viewers know that NSSI can be managed, and treated with good outcomes.   

    Warehouse Safety Safe Material Handling - DV1337
    DVD       17 min. 2014  Adult  
    This DVD raises employee awareness around hazards like material handling, chemical handling and storage, and slips, trips, and falls. It also covers the different types of personal protective equipment (PPE) that can be used and offers tips on how to work safely. around warehouse traffic.

    Materials listed below are available exclusively on the Training Network Now streaming service. 

    Move It Safely: Avoiding Injury While Moving Materials (English/Spanish)
    20 min. 2013 Adult
    A few of the main causes of injuries to material handling workers are showing off to their co-workers and not wanting to take time to get the proper equipment or ask for help. This leads to workers struggling to lift and carry materials which are too heavy and should not be carried alone. In order to move objects safely, employees must be well trained in safe material handling techniques while also maintaining the proper attitude and state of mind to use their training each time they lift or move an object. This program discusses the techniques, precautions and safe work practices you can follow so that when an object must be moved, you are able to "move it safely."

    Distracted Driving (English/Spanish)
     17 min.  2014   Adult
    Company drivers have a lot of responsibility and face many distractions while performing their job duties every day. It is vitally important that employers continually make their employees aware of the dangers of these distractions when driving, and how to avoid an accident caused by them. This Distracted Driving training program is an excellent tool to train drivers to be aware of the distractions they may face. Topics include: Grabbing something out of reach, Working behind the wheel, Eating while driving, Grooming or putting on makeup, Cell phones on the road and pedestrians.


    June 2019

    Training Network Now has over 700 titles available for viewing. Many items have downloadable leader’s guides and quizzes. Over 400 titles are offered in Spanish. Register to receive login and password information for this service. This service is limited to Texas residents only.
    Topics covered in this service include: 
    •       Alcohol & Drugs
    •       Asbestos
    •       Back Injury Prevention
    •       Bloodborne Pathogens
    •       Communication & Conflict Resolution
    •       Confined Spaces
    •       Construction Safety
    •       Crane Safety
    •       Diversity & Discrimination
    •       DOT Driving Safety
    •       DOT Hazmat
    •       Driving Safety (Non DOT)
    •       Electrical Safety
    •       Emergency Preparedness
    •       EPA Compliance
    •       Ergonomics
    •       Fall Protection
    •       Fire Evacuation & Prevention
    •       Fire Extinguishers
    •       First Aid
    •       Food Safety & Restaurants
    •       Forklift Safety
    •       Hand & Power Tool Safety
    •       HazCom - Right-to-Know
    •       Hazwoper
    •       Healthcare - Infection Control
    •       Healthcare – In-service Education.
    •       Heat Stress & Hypothermia
    •       Hospitality
    •       Housekeeping, Slips, & Falls
    •       HR Management & Compliance
    •       Industrial Safety
    •       Ladder Safety
    •       Lab Safety
    •       Lockout-Tagout
    •       Machine Guarding
    •       Maintenance – Building & Custodial
    •       Maintenance - Grounds & Landscaping
    •       Office Safety
    •       Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
    •       Property Management
    •       Retail Safety
    •       Safety Awareness
    •       Scaffolding
    •       School Bus Driver Training
    •       School Site Safety
    •       Sexual Harassment
    •       Specific Chemicals & Gases
    •       Trenching & Shoring
    •       Utility, Public Works, Solid Waste
    •       Warehouse Safety
    •       Welding Safety
    •       Wellness - Nutrition. & Off-Job Safety

    To receive a full list of titles for this service e-mail 
    If you have any questions about this service or any of the other services found on our Department of State Health Services Library website, please contact us at (512) 776-7260 or send an e-mail to the address listed above. 

    New Titles @ The Library
    May 2019

    The Texas Department of State Health Services Audiovisual Library has received many new video titles. Below is a sampling of these new additions. The DVDs and streaming videos may be viewed by anyone in Texas at no cost. Contact the library at (512) 776-7260 or reply to this email to borrow library materials. For additional titles, visit the library catalog online at For more information about the library, go to the AV library website at  

    Be Safe the Movie: How to Interact Safely with the Police - DV1313
    DVD 60 min. 2013 Adult
    This DVD teaches people with autism how to interact with the police and with EMS.

    Communicating with Persons with Dementia - DV1292
    DVD 18 min. 2018 Professional
    Viewers will learn how to recognize the difficulties in communicating with a person with dementia along with effective interventions to solve the problems created by these difficulties. Effective communication is crucial if people with dementia are to maintain their ties to social groups. 

    Cyber-Seniors - DV1319
    DVD 74 min.  2013 Adult
    This documentary adds to the important international conversation about the growing generation gap. Focusing on a group of senior citizens who take their first steps into cyber-space under the tutelage of teenage mentors, the film renders a thought-provoking look at a spirited group of men and women who are enriched by digitally re-connecting with their families and each other. (Finding their footing rather quickly, the group moves on to compete for the most YouTube views while swiftly building their online inventory of friends.)

    Every Face Tells a Story: Jacqui's Story - DV1307
    DVD 29 min. 2010 Senior High – Adult
    This documentary tells the story of a deadly drunk driving crash that killed two young women and burned Jacqui Saburido, a college student, beyond recognition. Reginald Stephey traded college for the penitentiary when he decided to get behind the wheel after he had been drinking.

    Measuring Vital Signs Part 2: Blood Pressure and Pain - DV1297
    DVD 17 min. 2017 Professional  
    This program demonstrates and describes how to accurately measure blood pressure and assess pain in a patient.

    Softening: Loving a Child with Special Needs - DD0818
    DVD 39 min. 2012 Adult
    Filmmaker Kelly O’Brien speaks honestly about her struggle to cope for the first five years following the birth of her son Teddy, born with extensive brain damage resulting from an in-utero viral infection. The rewards as well as the challenges of caring for him are evident in this cinematic diary O’Brien created to celebrate her son’s inherent beauty and the joy he brings to his family’s life. This title is also available in streaming video on the library’s Films on Demand service. 

    Tracking Zika - DV1289
    DVD 54 min. 2017 Adult
    Zika: the name of a forest in Uganda where the virus of the same name was first identified in 1947. Virtually forgotten at the far end of the world, Zika was thrust into the spotlight in 2013. This video highlights the difficulties of stopping this deadly virus, tracking its movements, and the effects of Zika. This title is also available in streaming video on the library’s Films on Demand service.

    Violence in the Long Term Care Workplace: Protecting Ourselves and Our Residents - DV1302
    DVD 33 min. 2018 Professional
    Long term care staff will learn how to recognize different forms of workplace violence and the risk factors that can increase the likelihood of an occurrence. They will understand what to do to help prevent violence and how to respond if violence does occur.

    Workplace Violence in Healthcare Facilities - DV1283
    DVD 15 min. 2017 Adult
    This program reminds workers of the hazards associated with aggressive behavior, the importance of an effective workplace violence prevention program, common locations, situations, and types of people often involved in violence, safe practices to prevent violent behavior, and what actions to take if violence occurs.

    Streaming Videos from DSHS AV Library

    April 2019
    The Texas Department of State Health Services Audiovisual Library offers six free streaming video services, available only to Texas residents. Hundreds of health and safety videos are accessible through these video streaming services. Sample lists of available topics for each service are below. Complete each video streaming service’s registration form by clicking on the name of the service on the list below. You will receive each service’s access information once you have registered. Please contact the Audiovisual Library with questions at (512) 776-7260 or send e-mail to 
    Films on Demand 
     Diabetes
     Weight and Nutrition
     Hepatitis
     HIV/AIDS
     Bullying
     Sexual Harassment
     Aging/Long Term Care
     Home Health Care
     Mental Health
     Substance Abuse
     Heart Disease
     Cancer
     Early Childhood Intervention

    ITrain Station 
     Back Safety
     Fire Prevention
     Driving Safety
     Bloodborne Pathogens
     First Aid
     Power Tool Safety
     Electrical Safety
     Kitchen Safety
     Heat Stress/Hypothermia
     Ergonomics
     Workplace Violence
     Global Harmonization System (Chemical Safety)

    Aurora Video
     Aging
     Laboratory Safety
     Mental Health
     Stress
     Bloodborne Pathogens
     Automobile Safety
     Child Abuse
     Fire Prevention
     Safety Awareness
     Accident Prevention
     High Impact Safety
     Severe Weather

    Learning Seed
    o Infant Development
    o Preschool development
    o Behavior Management

    Terra Nova 
     Alzheimer’s Disease
     Nursing Home Choices
     Dementia
     Macular Degeneration

    Kinetic Videos
     Substance Abuse & Recovery
     Personality Disorders
     Brain Development
     Anger Management

    New Titles @ The Library
    March 2019

    Care Includes Our Emotional Well-Being: The Resident's Perspective - DV1322
    DVD 17 min. 2008 Professional 
    Interviewed residents talk about their emotional wellbeing. Long term care residents talk about loneliness, loss of a spouse, having nowhere to go, and wanting just to see a smile. They ask not to be considered as a room number or a medical condition. They remind us that aging doesn’t take away the need to be known as a person and the need for emotional connections.

    El Sexo Puede Eesperar: Hable Con Sus Hijos - DV1306
    DVD 24 min. 2004 Senior High – Adult
    This Spanish Language DVD stresses the importance of talking to your children about sex. It suggests what information to give children at different ages and how to start a conversation. Parents should talk to children at an early age and continue to communicate with them as the issues become more serious.

    Facing Fears in Recovery - DV1291
    DVD 59 min. 2017 Adult 
    Recovering addicts discuss their fears, their initial reluctance to attend AA meetings, their feelings about intimacy, physical health, the 4th and 5th steps, and their criminal pasts. 

    Great Nursing Assistant: The Resident's Perspective - DV1311 
    DVD 17 min. 2005 Professional
    Long term care residents urge nursing assistants to listen and communicate with them, try to understand and meet their needs, and to show patience and kindness at all times. Residents of long term care ask to be treated as individuals with individual needs and want choices about their daily care and routines. Nursing assistants should communicate the needs of the residents to the next shift person and respond to call bells in a timely manner.

    In the Heat of the Moment: Making Difficult Decisions about Sex -DV1279
    DVD 16 min.   2018  Adult
    College students and older teens are confronted with difficult and complex choices when it comes to making important sexual decisions. This program features real people in their late teens and early twenties describing their personal experiences with issues such as communication and consent. The program is divided into 3 sections: Are you ready? Is your partner ready? and Consenting or not consenting. This program should be previewed before showing. 

    Leo Learns by Doing - DD0817
    DVD 17 min. 2009 Adult 
    Leo, a toddler who is blind, and his parents visit with an early intervention professional who shares step-by-step techniques to help Leo develop and strengthen his nonvisual senses and skills. She shows his parents how to provide optimistic feedback to Leo and help him interact with his surroundings. 

    Lung Diseases and Asthma - DV1315
    DVD 28 min.  2016 Adult
    This lecture with respiratory therapist Christi Leichty examines the causes and common symptoms of lung disease including smoking, radon, and asbestos. Leichty also discusses various lung diseases and the affected area of the respiratory system and shares information on several lung diseases that affect the airways, air sacs, interstitium, pleura, and chest wall. This program is also available through Films on Demand online video services.

    Measuring Vital Signs Part 1: Temperature, Pulse, Respiration - DV1296
    DVD 20 min. 2017 Professional 
    Temperature measurement is demonstrated using electronic, aural (tympanic), and temporal thermometers. Techniques and sites used for measuring the pulse are shown, and assessment of the rate, depth, rhythm and quality of respiration is demonstrated.

    Promoting Independence for Persons with Dementia - DV1301
    DVD 19 min. 2018 Professional 
    After viewing the program, nursing assistants will be able to assist with activities of daily living (ADLs) while promoting resident independence and dignity. They will be able to recognize care strategies for dressing, grooming, toileting, bathing, and eating for people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia. 


    New Titles @ The Library
    February 2019

    Controlling Diabetes (Vietnamese) - DV1305
    DVD 11 min. 2003 Adult
    This DVD covers basic information on disease management. Explains the importance of regular check-ups, controlling sugar, eating healthy foods in healthy proportions, and exercise. Intended for patients newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

    Forget Me Not - DV1318
    DVD 44 min. 2017 Adult
    This program was filmed in Australia. Three families tell their stories about adjusting to life with the disease. Two of the patients have been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's. This program is also available through Films on Demand online video services.

    How to End Unhealthy Relationships - DV1278
    DVD 16 min. 2016  Senior High
    This program offers teens insight on how to honestly assess the health of relationships particularly romantic relationships and intense friendships, and then presents concrete steps to help viewers end unhealthy relationships.

    Infection Control in the Home Setting - DV1286
    DVD 25 min. 2013 Professional
    This program explains how to manage laundry, dispose of waste, and use disinfectant to prevent the spreading of infection in a client’s home. This program is also available through Films on Demand online video services.

    Intravenous Therapy: Basics and Venipuncture - DV1295
    DVD 26 min. 2016 Professional
    This program describes the basics of intravenous (I.V.)  therapy and demonstrates the correct technique for performing a venipuncture to initiate intravenous therapy. 

    Nursing Assistant: Understanding and Caring for Residents with Depression - DV1300
    DVD 24 min. 2014 Professional
    This program provides caregivers with an understanding of depression and its impact on the lives of elderly individuals. It also describes ways in which caregivers can assist residents who may be experiencing depression. 

    Severe Dangers of Opioid Painkiller Fentanyl - DV1288
    DVD 8 min. 2016 Adult 
    More powerful than morphine or heroin, Fentanyl killed pop star Prince and the DEA is issuing a warning to its agents about handling the deadly drug.
    This program is also available through Films on Demand online video services.

    Single Parenting: The Family in Harmony: Volume 2 Creating A Healthy Life For Your Child - DD0816 
    DVD 29 min. 2008 Adult 
    This DVD provides strategies for single parents to meet the varying needs and unique challenges of their children from birth to adolescence.

    Understanding Why Elder Abuse Happens: How Institutional Circumstances Get Out of Control - DV1310
    DVD 20 min. 2006 Professional
    Long term care staff take a realistic look at many of the institutional challenges that can cause abuse. They offer practical suggestions to help staff handle stressful situations like working double shifts and dealing with frustrated residents and family members. 


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