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    AP Safety Training
    Free Online Health, Safety and Human Resource Development Training

    The Audiovisual Library now provides FREE online videos through the AP Safety Training. Using titles in this list enables the user to view training videos, take online tests and receive a personalized certificate of completion. They also have the opportunity to preview materials and download leaders’ guides for training prior to full presentations.

    Items in this system cover a wide variety of topics including Accident Prevention, Automobile Safety, Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control, Communicable Diseases, Fire Prevention and Safety, First Aid, Healthcare and Safety, High Impact Safety, Laboratory Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, Safety Awareness, Weather, and Violence.

    In addition to these topics Texas Health and Human Services employees will have the opportunity to view these Human Resource Training topics, Communication, Change, Diversity, Leadership, Management and Supervision, Motivation/Attitude, and Teamwork. To access these topics please register using your Texas HHS email address.




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    I am a Texas Health and Human Services employee (DSHS, DFPS, HHSC).

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    I am interested in general workplace safety videos as listed on this webpage.



    Title List

    Accident Prevention

    101 Days of Summer Safety 
    Injuries Don't Take Holidays*
    Playground Safety
    Small Falls Are A Big Deal


    Elder Abuse; Five Case Studies
    Elder Care; Preventing Burns & Scalds
    Elder Care; Preventing Choking & Aspiration
    Elder Care; Preventing Elder Abuse
    Elder Care; Preventing Falls
    Elder Care; Preventing Foodbourne Illness
    Elder Care; Preventing Hypothermia, Hyperthermia & Drowning
    Elder Care; Preventing Problem Use of Alcohol
    Elder Care; Preventing Suicide & Depression
    Nutrition for the Older Adult

    Automobile Safety

    Acid Battery & Jump Starting
    The Blindfold Effect
    Hang Up and Drive
    Safe Operation & Use Of All-Terrain Vehicles
    Utility Cart Safety

    Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control

    BBP for Hospitality
    BBP in Healthcare Facilities
    BBP Questions & Answers
    Bloodborne Pathogens Training For Employees
    Preventing Exposure to BBP's

    Communicable Diseases

    Avian Flu: The Facts
    Anthrax Threat
    The Mosquito  What You Need To Know
    Preventing The Spread Of Contagious Illness

    Fire Prevention and Safety

    Emergency Evacuation
    Fire Prevention: The Gory Story
    Fire Safety
    First Aid: Until Help Arrives
    Flammable Liquid Safety
    Flammables & Explosives
    Preventing Fires During Hot Work Operations

     First Aid

    CPR AED Awareness Training
    First Aid: Until Help Arrives

    Healthcare and Safety

    Back Safety for Health Care Providers
    COVID-19 in Healthcare Environments(OSHA's Emerg Temp Standard)
    The Energy Connection; Managing Stress
    The Energy Connection; Managing Stress & Avoiding Burnout
    The Energy Connection; Working as a Team
    Hand Washing; Get the Picture
    Restraints, Seclusion, and the 1 Hour Face to Face
    HIPPA Compliance
    Infection Control; Get Serious
    Lifting Patients from Beds
    MRSA The 8 Minute Solution
    Needlestick Prevention
    Nursing Version: What's Wrong With This Picture*
    Safety Orientation: Nursing
    Sanitation & Hygiene*
    Sanitation And Disinfection
    Slips, Trips and Falls in Healthcare
    Universal Precautions

    High Impact Safety

    High Impact PPE
    High-Impact Life & Death Electrical Safety
    High-Impact Workplace Safety
    Hi-Impact Crane Safety
    Hi-Impact Electrical Safety
    Hi-Impact Eye Safety
    Hi-Impact Fall Prevention
    Hi-Impact Forklift Operator Training
    Hi-Impact Hand Safety
    High-Impact Industrial Safety Attitudes Life & Death
    Hi-Impact Maintenance Safety
    Hi-Impact Metal Working Safety
    Hi-Impact Welding
    More High Impact PPE
    More High Impact PPE Non Graphic
    Safety Training for Qualified Electricians - High Impact

    Laboratory Safety

    Electrical Safety in the Laboratory*
    Safety Showers and Eye Washes in the Laboratory
    The Formaldehyde Standard
    Laboratory Ergonomics*
    Laboratory Hoods

    Material Safety Data Sheets
    Orientation To Lab Safety*
    The OSHA Lab Standard
    Planning For Lab Emergencies
    Preventing Contamination in the Laboratory*
    Safe Handling of Lab Glassware*


    Pain Management; A Pathway to Care

       Mental Health

    Occupational Health and Safety

     ABC's of your Personal Fall Arrest System
    Arrest That Stress*
    Back Owner's Guide to Lifting and Stretching
    Bucket Truck Safety
    Cal OSHA's New Law AB2774
    Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
    Cell Phones in the Workplace: A Dangerous Distraction
    Cold Stress - Working Safely In Cold Weather
    Commercial Lawnmower Safety
    Confined Spaces & The Entry Permit System
    Electrical Safety for Non-Electricians
    Fire Prevention Safety
    Flagger Safety
    Forklift Operator Training
    GHS-HazCom for Healthcare Facilities
    GHS Employee Training
    Hand Injury Prevention; You Control It
    Hand Safety
    Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders
    Hazard Communication & The Global Harmonizing System
    Hearing Conservation
    Housekeeping Teamwork In Industry*
    Kitchen Knife Safety
    Lessons Learned from Hand Injuries
    Life & Death Confined Space Entry
    Line of Fire
    Lockout/Tagout: When Everyone Knows*
    Machine Guarding: Protecting You From Hazards
    Maintaining Your Safety
    New Hire Safety Essentials
    Permit Required Confined Spaces
    PPE Refresher
    PPE Wear it For You
    Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls
    Preventing Slips, Trips and Falls - General Industry
    Proper Lifting Techniques: Keeping Your Workplace Safe
    Right of Way Mowing Safety
    Safe Electrical Work Practices & The 2018 NFPA 70E
    Safe Use and Operation of Forklifts
    Safely on Your Feet
    Scissor Lifts: Safe Operation
    That's Why You Wear A Hard Hat
    Thinking Twice Can Save Your Life
    Toxic Mold*
    Trenching & Excavation Safety; The Scott May Story
    Tractor Safety
    Understanding & Preventing Heat-Related Illnesses
    Using Ladders Safely
    Winter Walking: Staying On Your Feet
    Working Safely in Hot Environments

    Safety Awareness

    I Chose to Look the Other Way*
    I Chose To Look The Other Way - Three New Stories
    I Could Have Saved a Life That Day
    It's Up to Me
    Promises, Promises
    Ready, Willing & Able
    Safety's Most Wanted
    Safety's Most Wanted Episode II: The Accomplices
    Safety's Top 10 Causes for Workplace Injuries
    Seeing Accidents Before They Happen
    There's No Excuse For Unsafe Acts
    Think and Be Safe
    Thinking Twice Can Save Your Life
    The Wake Up Call*
    What Would You Say?
    What's Your Excuse?

    Sexual Harassment

    Preventing Sexual Harassment
    Sexual Harassment: The Issue is Respect
    Workplace Harassment in the Office


    Severe Weather Alert*
    Tornadoes: Be Prepared
    When Lightning Strikes


    Security Awareness: Work, Travel, Home*
    Violence in the Workplace*
    Workplace Violence in Healthcare
    Workplace Violence; The Early Warnings Signs (Employee)


    If you have questions regarding this service or available titles please contact the library at or 512-776-7260. The items in the list above marked with * are also available in DVD format at the Audiovisual Library. Call for availability.

Last updated November 2, 2012