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Electronic Case Reporting (eCR)

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Electronic case reporting (eCR) is the generation and transmission of case reports from an electronic health record (EHR) to public health for review and action. eCR allows healthcare providers and facilities to automatically report cases of notifiable diseases to DSHS for further investigation from their EHR. eCR will support earlier notifications to public health and provide more complete and accurate data. eCR is supported by the new Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Promoting Interoperability Program (PIP) regulation. The initial stage of eCR focuses on the initial case report; later stages may include a response from public health to the reporting clinician that may include outbreak information for providers, links to treatment guidelines and recommendations, and other clinically relevant information. 

DSHS has not yet declared readiness to receive and process eCR for meeting PIP. DSHS is in the process of completing preliminary assessments of eCR with selected pilot facilities. Once this process is completed, DSHS will announce finalization of guidance for eligible reporters to register and submit eCR. In the meantime, interested eligible hospitals can begin preparing by working on the following:

If you have questions, please email TexaseCR@dshs.texas.gov.

Last updated April 20, 2022