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Authorized Product List


In Texas WIC, the specific allowable foods are selected for inclusion in the food packages based on federal regulations, statewide availability, packaging and cost. Annually the State WIC Nutrition Unit reviews the approved foods list and selects specific foods that will improve the diet of WIC participants. WIC foods are rich in protein, iron, vitamins C and A, and calcium, which are vital to healthy development during pregnancy and early childhood.

WIC Foods Authorized

Click on each item to see the Texas authorized product with their respective UPC or PLU. To perform a search in Acrobat Reader, choose Edit>Find or Ctrl+F, then enter the item name or code.


Approved WIC food list; *Traditionally LEB-Least Expensive Brand must be declared by grocer/vendor
Milk 1% or less (gal, ½ gal, qt) * (108 kb, PDF) Whole Wheat Bread * (67 kb, PDF)
Milk Whole (gal, ½ gal, qt) * (439 kb, PDF) Whole Wheat Pasta (36 kb, PDF)
Lowfat, Nonfat, Whole Yogurt (36 kb, PDF) Whole Wheat Tortillas * (103 kb, PDF)
Cheese * (1.3 mb, PDF) Corn Tortillas * (103 kb, PDF)
Eggs (384 kb, PDF) Brown Rice * (91 kb, PDF)
Juice (64 oz; 16 oz frozen) * (531 kb, PDF) Oatmeal (57 kb, PDF)
Juice (48 oz; 11.5-12oz frozen) * (476 kb, PDF) Infant Food (321 kb, PDF)
Cereal (158 kb, PDF) Fresh Fruit (single) (1.1 mb, PDF)
Dried Beans/Peas/Lentils * (384 kb, PDF) Fresh Vegetables (single) (658 kb, PDF)
Canned Beans (42 kb, PDF) Frozen Fruit (single) (433 kb, PDF)
Peanut Butter (265 kb, PDF) Frozen Vegetables (single) (1.8 mb, PDF)
Fish (tuna/salmon) (104 kb, PDF) Fresh Fruit (mixed) (161 kb, PDF)
Infant Cereal (63 kb, PDF) Fresh Vegetables (mixed) (693 kb, PDF)
Infant Formula (alpha list) (2 mb, PDF) Frozen Fruit (mixed) (69 kb, PDF)
Infant Formula (UPC-numeric list) (2 mb, PDF) Frozen Vegetables (mixed) (123 kb, PDF)
Special Milk (evaporated, lactose-free, soy, tofu, kosher) (369 kb, PDF)  

*Traditionally LEB-Least Expensive Brand must be declared by grocer/vendor

WIC Grocers are required to label their declared least expensive brands of milk, juice, cheese, dried beans, peas, lentils, and 16 oz. whole grain wheat bread, corn tortillas, wheat tortillas and brown rice. See Policy WV: 2.0 Least Expensive Brands Declaration (52 kb, PDF).

Texas has established rebate contracts with the manufacturers of infant formula and infant cereal. This means when issuing Food Instruments to WIC participants, the primary infant formula and infant cereal prescribed will be the contracted manufacturer brand. Currently, Abbott Labs has the milk base infant formula contract providing Similac Advance Powder 12.4 oz., Similac Sensitive Powder 12.6 oz., Similac Advanced Concentrate 13 oz., and Similac Sensitive Concentrate 13 oz. Gerber has the soy-based infant formula contract providing Gerber Good Start Soy Powder 12.9 oz. and Gerber Good Start Soy Concentrate 12.1 oz. Gerber also provides Rice, Oatmeal, Barley and Mixed 8 oz. infant cereals without fruit.

Not-to-exceed amounts for EBT

WIC Approved Foods List (119 kb, PDF)

To receive the most current color brochure or poster, call the WIC State office at 1-800-252-9629.






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Last updated February 01, 2016