2014 Texas Vital Statistics Annual Conference


2014 Annual Conference

Join us for the 60th Annual Texas Vital Statistics Annual Conference at the Renaissance Hotel in Austin, Texas.  This three-day conference takes place on December 10–12, 2014, and is co-sponsored by the Texas Public Health Association.

This year’s annual conference theme, “Protect and Secure: Defending Vital Records Through Innovative Methods,” focuses on Texas’s commitment to ensure the protection and security of our vital records. With identiy theft a growing concern throughout the nation and vital documents more valuable than ever in establishing identity, Texas strives to develop innovative methods that will ensure the protection and strengthen the security of birth and death records. Join us in our discussion of security and their relationship to vital records, Rider 72 initiatives, and the proposed TxEVER system.

Purpose: To provide a collaborative learning opportunity between members of the vital statistics registration system to improve communication, increase connections, and strengthen partnerships.

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Last updated December 18, 2014