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    Additional Information and Resources

    Licensed Substance Abuse Facilities

    A listing of licensed Substance Abuse Facilities is available at http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/HFP/apps.shtm#substanceabuse. This listing represents all licensed facilities in Texas and is maintained by the Health Facility Program.

    Registered Exempt Faith-Based Programs

    A listing of Registered Exempt Faith-Based Programs is available at http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/HFP/apps.shtm#substanceabuse. This listing includes programs that are exempt from licensure. Faith-based chemical dependency treatment programs provided by religious organizations offer only nonmedical treatment and recovery methods such as prayer, moral guidance, spiritual counseling, and scriptural study.

    Facility Rules and Licensure

    “Substance Abuse Treatment Facility” applies to provider organizations regulated by the Facility Licensing Group within the Texas Department of State Health Services. Learn more about Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities »

    Please see web link below to the Substance Abuse (SA) Treatment Facility licensure rules and definitions. Also, please see web link to the application and related forms for applying to become a licensed SA Treatment Facility and the web link that includes the listings of licensed SA Treatment Facilities.

Last updated June 06, 2012