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The increasing prevalence of overweight and obese children and adults is a serious concern for Texas. Being overweight increases a person’s risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and other serious medical conditions that impact quality of life and have substantial economic consequences for our healthcare system. The economic costs of overweight and obesity in Texas during 2001 were an estimated $10.5 billion. This includes direct healthcare costs, such as medicines and hospital stays, and indirect costs, such as lost productivity and wages due to illness and death. If the trend in increasing prevalence of overweight and obesity persists, the annual costs associated with excess weight in Texas is projected to reach $15.6 billion by 2010 and could skyrocket to $39 billion by the year 2040.

Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity Prevention Program

The state Nutrition, Physical Activity & Obesity Prevention Program (NPAOP) works to reduce the burden of death and disease related to overweight and obesity in Texas.  We base our activities on the most current and proven public health strategies, and then partner with state and local organizations, groups and communities across the state to promote science-based nutrition and physical activity interventions, policies and environmental changes to prevent and control obesity and overweight. Click for more information on the NPAOP Program.  

Last updated November 14, 2014