News Release
September 17, 2008

Health officials continue to urge kidney dialysis patients affected by Hurricane Ike to call (866) 407-3773 to locate dialysis services. Many dialysis patients have evacuated from coastal areas to other parts of Texas . Others have remained in counties where their usual treatment services are not available.

The toll-free emergency locator service is available 24 hours a day and is provided by the Texas End Stage Renal Disease Network and the Texas End Stage Renal Disease Emergency Coalition.

Dialysis patients are encouraged to watch fluid-intake and to heed dietary precautions.

People on dialysis need to receive the blood-cleansing treatment three times a week to stay alive.

DSHS also urges those who evacuated affected areas to wait for official word from state or local officials before returning to their homes.


(News Media: For more information contact Emily Palmer, DSHS Assistant Press Officer, Austin, 512-532-4950 or 512-458-7400.)

Last updated November 22, 2010