Texas Resilience and Recovery (formerly RDM): The Mental Health System Redesigned


“Hope, Resilience, and Recovery for Everyone” is the vision statement of the Mental Health and Substance Abuse Division (MHSA) of the Department of State Health Services (DSHS). This vision is aligned with the national movement to incorporate resilience and recovery-oriented services, supports, practices, and beliefs into publicly funded mental health service delivery systems.

In September 2012, to further reflect a commitment to these principles, the name of Texas’ mental health system was changed from Resiliency and Disease Management (RDM) to “Texas Resilience and Recovery” (TRR). The MHSA Division acknowledges that adults, children, and youth affected by mental illness and severe emotional disturbance (SED) are on a continuum of mental health and have natural supports and strengths which should be built upon to foster resilience and recovery. Through the promotion of mental health, early intervention, and the provision of quality mental health services, providers have the opportunity to support adults, children, and youth to achieve not only mental health but also their individual potential. TRR is a patient-centered approach that moves away from the historical “disease” focused model.

In 2010, the MHSA Division began its review of the RDM service delivery system which was implemented in 2004. This review included feedback and input from frontline staff/providers and a review of research on best practices in serving adults, children, and youth with mental health needs. In response to this review, the mental health system has been re-designed. Resilience and recovery are fundamental principles of the mental health system. These principles have been incorporated throughout the new design and considered in the selection of available services. Evidence based and promising practices are an integral part of TRR. Through the use of these practices, the services and supports provided within the mental health system will result in measurable outcomes and ultimately the resilience, recovery, and achievement of mental health of adults, children, and youth.

The broadcast message from August 17, 2012, provides an overview of the changes resulting from this process, which concluded in Spring 2012. The broadcast message and the documents accompanying the broadcast message are available on the TRR Documents page.

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Last updated May 20, 2015