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Serological Analysis Group


Important Notice

Information regarding chikungunya and dengue specimen submission

Chikungunya and dengue PCR is now available at the DSHS laboratory. Please see the Chikungunya and Dengue PCR and Serology Specimen Criteria for important specimen submission information. Note: Dengue serology testing is available at DSHS; however, chikungunya serology testing can only be performed at the CDC. Specimens with completed travel history and date of onset for chikungunya serology will be forwarded to CDC.

About the Serological Analysis Laboratory

About Us

The Serological Analysis Group is responsible for testing patient's blood or serum for the presence of antibodies to or antigens from various disease organisms.

Antibodies are proteins that are produced by a human or animal host in response to a foreign substance known as an antigens. An antigen is usually a protein or carbohydrate, and it is part of an infectious agent such as a virus or bacterium. The antibody attaches to the antigen and aids the host in removing the infectious agent. Serology is the branch of medical science that deals with detecting the presence of a disease by detecting antibodies or antigens.

The Serological Analysis Group is divided up into two sections: Diagnostic Serology and HIV/STD. For general questions about Serology, see the Frequently Asked Questions page.


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Last updated January 08, 2016