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Electronic Information Resources (EIR) Products


Get Started

To get started with the process of outsourcing the development of any electronic information resources products, please contact DSHS Web Services unless otherwise specified.

Web and Portal Authority Approval

Before any new web or mobile projects are started, the initiating DSHS program MUST submit a Web Approval form to the DSHS Web Services office. The program will then work with Web Services or Communications staff to complete the HHS Portal Authority approval process. It is the responsibility of the program to ensure that all material conforms fully to DSHS web site Requirements and to state and federal laws. Please contact DSHS Web Services for questions or assistance.

Guidelines and Best Practices for Web Products

These guidelines apply to all DSHS web sites and web-based products. The following document includes required items, design guidelines and best practices to ensure that DSHS sites and applications maintain a unified look and feel, and are accessible to users of varying abilities. DSHS Web Products Style Guide (PDF).

Laws Regarding State Agency Web Sites

ALL EIR products must meet Texas HHS and Federal (Section 508) accessibility requirements and established State of Texas rules (TAC 206 and TAC 213), as well as all state and federal laws pertaining to web sites and EIR products.

Accessibility Information

Vendors must submit a completed Accessibility/Usability Checklist (XLS) for all EIR products and materials.

For more information, including the uniform accessibility clause, testing guidelines and more, see the HHS Accessibility Policy.

DSHS Logo Information

The DSHS logo must be on every web site and web product. For guidance, see the DSHS Logo Usage Guide.

DSHS Model Release Form

A Model Release Form must be submitted to ensure DSHS has appropriate distribution rights whenever a person’s likeness is used in photos, videos, or voice recordings. (Spanish-language Model Release Form)

Domain Names

ALL domain names must be purchased and registered through DSHS Web Services.

Hosting Services

DSHS programs are responsible for ensuring hosting plans are in place for the duration of the campaign.

ALL hosting services must be procured in DSHS’ name and managed by the program. For all external facing web sites, program must then provide a copy of the log-in information for the hosting account to DSHS Web Services with the Web/Mobile Approval form. Contact DSHS Web Services for more information.


DSHS programs are responsible for ensuring maintenance plans are in place for the duration of the campaign.


Vendors will be responsible for providing analytics for the web site. Tools like Google Analytics may be used, but require that the site include a privacy policy that describes the type of information collected and how that information is used. The DSHS Privacy Policy can be used as a guide, but specific details of what the analytics tool tracks must be included in the individual site’s privacy policy.


DSHS programs must coordinate with IT Security as needed for appropriate planning and testing. 

Social Media

Social Media falls under the purview of the Office of Communications. Please contact the Office of Communications at 512-776-6085 for more information. DSHS Public Social Media Policy.


E-Government encompasses all projects using information technology related to access to or delivery of government services. Programs must consider using Texas-Online for financial transactions; applications for licenses, permits, registrations, and other related documents from the public; electronic signatures; and other applications that require security.

Records Retention

13 TAC defines a state publication to be “Information in any format that is produced by the authority of or at the total or partial expense of a state agency or is required to be distributed under law by the agency, and is publicly distributed by or for the agency.” Please contact the DSHS Records Management Officer at records.mgmt@dshs.state.tx.us for more information.

External Links

Any links to external Web sites imply that DSHS sanctions the content of those sites. For this reason, these sites must be subjected to the same close scrutiny as if DSHS itself were publishing the information.

  • Monitor the content of all linked sites frequently to ensure accuracy and appropriateness.
  • Whenever possible, obtain written permission from external organizations before linking to their sites.
  • Any web page that provides external email links to a non-state employee, is required to include the following disclaimer:
    External email links are provided to you as a courtesy. Please be advised that you are not emailing the Texas Department of Health State Health Services (DSHS) and DSHS policies do not apply should you choose to correspond.”

For questions on items not addressed in this document, please Contact Web Services for clarification.

Last updated December 11, 2015