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    Health Currents System

    The Health Currents System combines many sources of health related data into one convenient location. The Center for Health Statistics tries to provide the most up to date information available.

    To use the system select one of the geographical areas from the box below and an information topic then click "Submit." Information about each topic is provided at the bottom of the page.

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    More Information on Health Topics

    • Demographic Measures

      • Population by Age, Gender and Race/Ethnicity
      • Population Change
      • Foreign Born Population

    • Socioeconomic Measures

      • SNAP (food stamp) Participants
      • Medicaid Clients
      • Per Capita Income
      • Persons Living in Poverty
      • Persons Without Health Insurance
      • Educational Attainment

    • Mortality Data

      • Deaths by Cause
      • Age Adjusted Death Rates by Cause
      • Infant Deaths
    • Natality    

      • Total Live Births  
      • Low Birth Weight
      • Adolescent Mothers
      • Fertility Rate
      • Medicaid Covered Births

    • Health Resources 

      • Acute Care Hospitals
      • Psychiatric Hospitals
      • Licensed Beds
      • Health Professions by Specialty
      • Migration for Birth

    • Communicable Diseases

      • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
      • Body Fluid-Borne Pathogens
Last updated March 11, 2011