Getting Started with CMPS


First, identify the primary person who will be your Contractor System Administrator (CSA). The Contractor System Administrator is responsible for setting up your organization, adding users and assigning roles to users in your organization.

Once your Contractor System Administrator has been identified, your CSA will do the following:

  1. Navigate to CMPS by going to or and click on Log on to CMPS.
  2. Click on New User at the CMPS Log on page.
  3. Populate the My Profile Information. Here you will setup your id and temporary password for the system. Click Save.
  4. Once we receive your user setup request, the DSHS system administrator validates your Organization with our financial system and links you to the Contractor System Administrator Role.
  5. When that link occurs, your Contractor System Administrator will receive an e-mail from the system indicating your account is ready to go.
  6. At that time, we encourage your Contractor System Administrator to log in, set a permanent password, add users for your organization, add your organization’s vendor ID’s and populate the organization details page.

This process may take 1 to 2 business day.

To get CMPS technical support, you may:

Last updated July 22, 2013
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